Product Exchange Policy

  1. We stand by the finest quality of our products. All products delivered must be checked by the Distributor upon receipt to ensure that all item(s) are intact and in good condition. If there is any defective product(s), Distributor is requiring contacting our eShop Customer Service for advice immediately.
  2. In the event of the Company is unable to fulfill a Distributor's order for any reason whatsoever, the Company shall inform the Distributor accordingly, an exchange of goods will be arranged.
  3. A Distributor may apply to exchange of product(s) purchased from e-Shop that are in good, unused and saleable condition. These product(s) can be exchanged only for product(s) carrying similar Point-Value (DCPV). Non-PV items and promotional items are not exchangeable.
  4. All requests for product exchange must be accompanied by the original invoice(s) as proof of purchase.
  5. Discontinued, de-listed and promotional items and Signature Diffusers are not exchangeable.
  6. In addition, the following conditions apply:
  • All type of 1 liter and 2 liter packaging Essential Oil must be exchanged within 3 (Three) months from the date of purchased.
  • For ESTEBEL products, EB Men, Hair Series and Personal Care series are exchangeable to the same category only within ninety (90) days of its purchased.