Corporate Profile

Established since 2000 in Asia, DCHL is a corporation with an immense potential in the aromatherapy business. For more than 10 years, the Company has been recognized in the region and has proven itself by its fast expanding expertise of Network Marketing.

Continuous researches and relentless pursuits of excellent are testimonial of the Company’s undertaking to deliver the finest products to its business partners. In 2002, ESTEBEL, an aromatic skincare range infused with natural herbs from Provence was introduced. It offers a wide variety of products satisfying every every beauty needs. Furthermore rewarding the appreciation of confidence of all business partners who promote ESTEBEL products, ESTEBEL SPA has been in operation since 2003 to provide them with luxurious services and personalized treatments based on the concept of well-being in complete indulgence.

Motivated by an unceasing quest of perfection, DCHL inaugurated the distinctive label ED. PINAUD in year 2006. To respond to a remarkable fame and to honour Edouard Pinaud, known as the “Master Perfumer” in Paris and its creations, the Company unveil an exclusive range of cosmetics in 2007 followed by a collection of perfumes in 2008. Based on natural fruits, flowers and plants, ten appealing fragrances of colognes delicately selected are available to charm one’s senses.

Dedication to absolute Beauty continues with, in the beginning of 2010, the birth of ED. PINAUD Jewellery that consists of four inspiring and everlasting series: “L’Essentielle”, “Clochettes”, “Les Anigamis” and “Chiffre Secret”. ED. PINAUD Jewellery has been created with inspiration, finesse and harmony embodying the incredible destiny of ED. PINAUD.

Over the past decade, embracing challenges and changes, the Company has emerged stronger, relentlessly escalating in the Network Marketing business. Today, armed with this knowledge, DCHL relies with confidence upon venturing out with full passion and competence into the global business field.

“Born in Asia, Grow to Global” is the spirit of our origins and our future. Along with challenging times, Billion Venture International trading with exclusive and quality products will continue to be successful and maintain its business standards. Being so, DCHL confirms its trust and support to the business partners whose great motivation deserves international recognition.