1.1 Distributorship is open to any “Individual” or “Corporation”. Applicant must submit the completed Distributor Application Form to The Company.

1.2 Applicant must be sponsored by a Qualified Distributor of The Company. A Qualified Distributor is an individual who is a Franchisee or of higher status, stipulated in The Company’s Marketing Plan.

1.3 A Distributorship fee shall be paid upon submission of the Distributor Application Form, inclusive of one year’s membership and the eDC Card. (Subject to The Company’s announcement of applicable fee amount.)

1.4 Individual Registration

1.4.1 An individual applying to be a Distributor of The Company must be of legal age of 18 or above, and is not an un-discharged bankrupt.

1.4.2 Husband and wife are allowed to sponsor each other and hold separate Distributorships in The Company.

1.4.3 Individual application must be accompanied by a copy of his/her identity card (NRIC) and a copy Of the front page of his/her bank passbook or statement of account. The authorised banks are Development Bank of Singapore/Post Office Savings Bank (DBS/POSB), Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC) and United Overseas Bank (UOB).

1.4.4 Student registration must be accompanied with the Agreement Form (student), Parent/Legal Guardian Declaration Form.

1.4.5 The Parent/Legal Guardian Declaration Form ought to be signed in the presence of Customer Service.

1.5 Corporate Registration

1.5.1 Upon submission of the Distributor Application Form, an Applicant must attach together:

a) Sole Proprietor or Partnership Applicant

A photocopy of his/her identity card (NRIC), a copy of the front page of the company’s bank passbook or statement of account, a copy of Registry of Companies and Business (RCB) certificate , details of owner(s) and shareholders listing of the Partnership.

b) Corporate/Company Limited Applicant

A copy of Registry of Companies and Business (RCB) certificate, company’s bank account,  details of owner(s) and the shareholders listing of the company.

 1.5.2 The person responsible for managing the network marketing aspects of The Company’s business must hold at least 51% of the shares of the company. This person’s name and a copy of his/her identity card (NRIC) must be provided upon submission of the Distributor Application Form.

1.6 The Company reserves the right and authority to reject any application without assigning any reason whatsoever

1.7 A Distributor is only allowed to hold one (1) Distributorship under the same name. In the event that a Distributor is found to have more than one Distributorship under the same name, The Company shall terminate one of them, whichever deemed fit and necessary.

1.8 If errors or discrepancies are found in a line of network, The Company reserves the right to make adjustments, restoration or any rectification deemed fit and necessary.