Digital Crown Holdings is one of the most successful network companies in Asia. We are the name behind the prestigious French aromatherapy brand – ED.PINAUD and ESTEBEL, Digital Crown Holdings very own aromatic skincare range. In the new century of living, health and overall well-being have been increasing concerns amongst people. Our products are created to address such needs and help others improve the quality of their lives.

Today, we have expanded to be one of the biggest Network Marketing companies in Asia. In Network marketing, it presents the greatest opportunity to earn income. It is a system of selling which relies on volume of goods sold by all levels of Distributors to generate profits for all. It has similar advantages to the other 3 ways of leveraging time in a business, i.e. hire employees, expand with chain stores and franchising the business, but none of the limitations. A business partnership with DCHL will be your start to a promising and rewarding career!